West End

As the name implies, the West End area is located just west of downtown. Want easy access to everything that Nashville has to offer? You'll find it here.

Hip and trendy, West End offers boutiques, coffee shops, popular bars and restaurants with just about any kind of food imaginable. And, of course, Vanderbilt University is located in this area -- its presence can certainly be felt, especially on Vandy football game days.

In Centennial Park, it's easy to take advantage of an array of activities - festivals, walking and exercise trails, a lake, an art center, a dog park and even sand volleyball courts. Here you'll also find the iconic Parthenon, which is a full-scale replica of the original found in Greece. But the Parthenon is not just decorative; it also serves as an art museum. If you need more, the downtown area is only minutes away.

In the Cherokee Park area, you'll find bungalows and homes in the Tudor and Colonial revival styles. The Richland-West End area has bungalows and cottages - it's also committed to preserving the character of the neighborhood through conservation zoning. And the Vanderbilt University area offers single family homes as well as apartment living.